Superannuation is one of the most complex areas you can find, and is often misunderstood. We provide expert advice and education to help you understand the complexities and opportunities associated with this type of investment vehicle.

Many Australians have not given adequate thought to how much they need to save during their working life in order to meet their income needs in retirement. In most cases relying on your mandatory employer superannuation contributions is not adequate to be fully self-funded. Currently only 32 per cent of retired Australians aged 65 have accumulated enough private and superannuation savings to be fully self-funded in retirement*.

We provide personalised advice and guidance to ascertain the superannuation nest egg you require and the strategies appropriate to give you the best possible chance of having the retirement you desire.

*Sourced from The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), Media Release 5 March 2015 – ASFA.

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